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Disciplined Entrepreneurship, recommended highly by S3

Every day at S3 we see the benefits of a thoughtful, well-articulated and validated business plan.  In his book Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Bill Aulet gives excellent advice on how to step-wise organize a new business and its associated product or service.  It is the most comprehensive book we have seen on the topic, and we believe following his 24 steps will prepare one optimally for Meeting One at S3.  Bill’s thesis is that entrepreneurship can be taught.  We agree wholeheartedly.  Building a company is not about conjecture, but about a disciplined method for approaching a customer problem, designing a solution and validating that a profitable business can be built around it.  Learning, listening and self-honesty with the process are keys we emphasize and Bill articulates throughout.  The book covers topics like market segmentation, total available market assessment, life time value of a customer, customer acquisition cost, development of a persona that you will likely be selling to, identifying your core value proposition and business model, knowing how you are competitively positioned, pricing on value (which we think is excellent), and validating your assumptions via an iterative process.  All of these are placed in a logical, step-wise order.  Threaded throughout is the encouragement to be honest and accurate with all the data collected.  Finally, Bill uses real world examples of start-ups that he was involved with, his students were implementing or well know industry examples to illuminate each point.  We highly recommend Disciplined Entrepreneurship as a guide to developing your start-up business.