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Book Review :Brian Recommends...

Brian Recommends…Zero to One

At S3, we come to work every day anticipating and seeking an investment in the next business singularity.  So much of what we desire is clearly articulated in Peter Thiel’s Zero to One.  This book is a must read for entrepreneurs and those working in startups.  Peter gives detail to many things we talk about in our firm, including: being 10x better, follow the money, start with the end in mind, everyone sells, and focus, focus, focus.  He gives a great overview of why creative monopolies are much more valuable than companies competing fiercely with many others, even over big existing markets.  You will find a great set of guideline questions whose answers will lead to building such creative monopolies.  Peter provides insight into the power law and how it can be leveraged.  He talks about getting things right at the start because things messed up at the foundation cannot be easily fixed.  He also speaks to board size (stay small, three to five max), computers as complement to humans, equity is a powerful tool, the sales function is critical to success, every company is a culture and pick your investing partners well.  We highly recommend Peter’s book and seek to invest in creative monopolies.